Geschichtliche Entwicklung

Former group of the narrow gauge with the restaurant 

The company of the "Gartetalbahn" occurred from 1897 to 1957. Originally the small road was laid out for the good company. Later people were also carried between Goettingen and the "Eichsfeld". In the time of the small railway company was with the today's pension "Pension zum alten Bahnhof" a critical point with a road scale. Even then there were on the week-end rest-searching them the Gartetalbahn for her excursions were of use.

Our restaurant "Zum alten Bahnhof" Klein Lengden, was founded in 1907 and is further pursued till this day in a little bit modified form. Still it concerns a family business - today already in the 3rd generation. For economic reasons there is not the customary restaurant company any more. Now we have modern pension rooms and offer our Guest rooms for the use of events, Company celebrations, Family celebrations etc..
Modell aus den Anfangsjahren
 A model of our "Gasthaus zum Bahnhof" in the time of the small railway company.
Who would like to find out even better about the former small railway, find an info board in the subtending felt rail shed (small pinic house).